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These Photos Of Kids On Their Adoption Day Will Warm Your Heart

Lots and lots of foster kids dream of one day being be adopted by their ‘forever family’, and for many that dream comes true. Together We Rise, a foster care organisation in the US, has posted a number of heartwarming photos of children just after they have been adopted.

Many of these photos were taken by the families of the parents, and include beautifully decorated chalkboards showing just how long their child was in foster care for.

One photo shows a girl dressed in a beautiful white dress and bow in her hair, with a huge smile on her face. She's holding a sign showing that she had been in foster care for 1233 days.

This is sure to make you smile.



"Kendron came to us in January 2015 at four months old from another foster home... He was originally placed in foster care from the hospital.. We did not intend on adopting when we first looked into foster care. However, we have no biological children, so when the opportunity presented itself with our first foster son (now 5), we jumped at it. When we were asked to adopt Kendron, we knew this was how we were meant to build our family. My advice: we often hear that someone can't do foster care because "they would just get too attached." My response to that is, yes you will get attached. However, this endeavour is not about my concern over my own attachments.. It's about making the world a better place for a little one who has no one in the world to care for them. We couldn't imagine our lives without our two boys, so yes, it is worth it!" - Garcia Family #fostercare #fosterlove

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After 482 days in foster care, she has found her forever family. 😍💙🐻🐧 #fosterlove #fostercare

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It took 4 years, but she finally found her FOREVER FAMILY 😍🐻💙 #fostercare #adoption

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THIS JUST IN!!! She got adopted this afternoon. Yes !! We also got to take this little princess to Disneyland last year !

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On December 19th, they became brothers Family isn't always blood. #fostercare #togetherwerise #fostertoadopt

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