Woman Donates 5.5 Carats Diamond to Charity Setup in Memory of Father. It’s worth $235,000.

Alex Sheen was just finished a speaking gig in Las Vegas when he got the donation of a lifetime from an anonymous woman he'd never met before.

‘Because I said I would’ is a non-profit charity setup by Alex Sheen in memory of his father. Speaking of his father, Mr Sheen said “He kept his promises. My father was a man of his word.” The charity he setup dedicated to “the betterment of humanity” has created Promise Cards with the aim of holding people accountable to their commitments.

Upon finishing his Las Vegas speaking gig, he was approached by a woman who was so moved by what he had to say that she offered his charity a once in a lifetime gift, a diamond valued at $235,000.

“I just started crying” Mr Sheen recalled in a recent interview.

“She told me that she had something that she wanted to give me. I ran back to my hotel room to get my stuff because we were going to have lunch because she was already a donor and she said, 'I want to give you this diamond,'" Sheen said.

With this ‘fresh start’, Sheen plans to do more education through school programs along with encouraging volunteering through communities.

Charity is alive and well.

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