Married for 63 Years, This Couple Spend their Dying Moments Holding Hands in Bed Before Dying Hours Apart

Source: Facebook | Sheryl Winstead

A healthy Dolores Winstead, 83, stood by her husband Trent’s hospital bed after Trent was admitted with failing kidneys. Unbeknownst to all, several days later, just 5 weeks short of their 64th wedding anniversary, both Dolores and Trent would die within hours of each other.

Dolores, along with the couple's 2 children, Eddie and Sheryl watched on as Trent’s condition worsened. However as Dolores stood by her husband’s bed, she took a turn for the worse. She developed a severe headache, and began to throw up. Dolores has suffered a severe brain aneurysm.

The couple who had spend the majority of their life together, now found themselves side by side in 2 adjoining beds in Nashville’s Saint Thomas West Hospital.

A picture shows them lying together hand in hand. At 9.10pm, Dolores stopped breathing. Eddie, the couples son leant over to tell Trent that his wife of 63 years had passed away.

The 88-year-old simply blew a kiss to his wife, and hours later, he also died.

Source: Facebook | Sheryl Winstead

"Because she was gone, he just could not handle it. We just watched him die," Sheryl told the Washington Post.

"I hadn't thought about it this way at the time. (He) literally, he died of a broken heart."

"Never in a million years did I think I was going to come out of the hospital with neither one."

Dolores held her husbands hand during his hospital stay. Source: Facebook | Sheryl Winstead

The couple who met back in the 1950s had spend their life together, and final moments hand in hand had died together. They were survived by their two children, three grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

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