7 Things Women Couldn’t Do in the ‘50s & ‘60s.

In today’s society there’s a heavy emphasis on gender equality, and it’s been a hard fought fight for many to get us to where we are today. That being said, there are still lots of fronts on which the battle is still being fought today.

Looking back over history it’s hard to believe that some of the laws, or lack of them, which were in place actually existed.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 things which, bizarrely enough, women couldn't do in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

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1. Go on Birth Control

In the US, it wasn't until the 1960s when the contraceptive pill was approved for use, however across many states it was still banned for some years to come. Only in 1965 did the Supreme Court make a ruling to make it illegal for states to ban married people from using contraceptives.

2. Get a Credit Card

Well into the ‘70’s a woman could only own a credit card under her husband’s name. This changed in 1974.

3. Keep Your Job While Pregnant

During the ‘50s and ‘60s most women lost their jobs when they became pregnant.

4. Refuse To Have Sex With Your Husband

Marital rape wasn’t a criminal offence during the ‘50s and ‘60s, Effectively meaning women couldn’t refuse sex with her husband or legally fight back if he raped her.

5. Serve On A Jury

Throughout most of the ‘50s and ‘60s juries were all men. Slowly towards the end of the ‘60s this started to change allowing women to sit in the jury box.

6. Report Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

In 1977 a US court recognized sexual harassment in the workplace for the first time. Before this sexual harassment was rife in the workplace and women were powerless to do anythign about it.

7. Enter The Boston Marathon

It wasn’t until 1972 when women were allowed to put on their running shoes and run in the Boston Marathon.

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